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Spring is finally upon us!

Posted by Lisa King on

It would seem that Spring is finally due to spring out this week here in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana.  Temperatures are expected to hit the 60's this week and I would expect that all the little sprouts and buds will be just bursting out with the sunshine and returned warmth.  

I know the folks to the North and East are still covered in snow!  Believe me I feel for you - we had a terrible Spring last year and frosted out our carefully raised tomatoes on June 15th!!  Hopefully we won't see the cold set back in here.  Some years it does and some it doesn't.  For those of you still under the snow - hang in there!  I'm sure the warmth is just around the corner for you as well.

An update on our situation - We are fully stocked and ready for Spring!  If you are looking for new supplies this year - we have the store ready and the website up!  For re-sellers and contractors, we are stocked and waiting for your orders!  I know a lot of you have work ahead of the season this year.  Please note that the freight situation nationwide is pretty dismal.  Truckers are struggling with new on the road regulations and most freight is slower than usual.  We'll have to see how that turns out, but leave a few extra days for your order to arrive just in case if you can.

Check out the product line here , or give us a call (406-961-3599), or email at us to place an order or obtain a wholesale catalog.  We ship FedEx, UPS, & LTL and offer a freight program for contractors and re-sellers on orders over $1000.  Enjoy the warm weather and hopefully we'll be talking to you later!    

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