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Wilcox 202 Stainless Steel Trowel


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#1 trowel chosen by the New York Times for 2017!  All the Wilcox trowels are solid stainless steel. This one has a longer business end than handle and digs deep. This 3" wide trowel works very well for deep bulb planting & breaking up stubborn clods. It's a trowel you can really put the muscle to without fear of bending or breaking.  Use for gardening, relic hunting or just to have along in the camper or ATV.  A well made tool with many uses.  Wilcox 12" long 2" wide trowel also available.

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Voted by the New York Times as #1 Garden Trowel in America.  Get it from an American source.  Valley Landscape Supply stocks Wilcox Trowels and other garden supplies ready to ship out every day.

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