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Valley Landscape Supply offers high quality tools that are made for the professional.  We keep sufficient stock to service your need quickly.  Please choose from these quality manufactures:  Bahco, Seymour/Midwest, Silky, & King of Spades.

Lesche Digging Tool - left or right serrated edge.

Lesche Digging Tool and Sod Cutter

Lesche® Digging Tool and Sod Cutter. All steel construction, 7” x 1-3/4” blade, 12” overall length. Includes Cordura belt holder with plastic insert. The ultimate digging tool, use for nursery,...

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Seymour/Midwest Loop Hoe for weeding

Loop Hoe - Seymour/Midwest

The ever popular “Hula” Hoe - this Midwest Rake Loop Hoe will make light work of your weeding. The push-pull rocking action will pull weeds with little effort. The Combo...

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Voted by the New York Times as #1 Garden Trowel in America.  Get it from an American source.  Valley Landscape Supply stocks Wilcox Trowels and other garden supplies ready to ship out every day.

Wilcox 102 Stainless Steel Trowel

Made from one solid piece of stainless steel--with a comfortable plastic grip slid over the handle end.  Rated the #1 Garden Trowel in the USA by the New York Times. ...

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#1 Trowel chosed by the New York Times for 2017!  Wilcox Stainless Steel Trowels are the best tool I've ever worked with.  We stock our tools and supplies in house in Corvallis Montana.  Ready to ship out daily via UPS.  Buy where you know you will get good trusted service.

Wilcox 202 Stainless Steel Trowel

#1 trowel chosen by the New York Times for 2017!  All the Wilcox trowels are solid stainless steel. This one has a longer business end than handle and digs deep....

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