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Spunbond Landscape Fabric - 3 oz.

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Spunbond polypropylene fabrics are the best weed barrier fabrics available for gardens or areas intended to be covered with mulch or rock.  The smooth service of spunbond fabric resists weed roots.  If a weed seed does blow in, it will be pulled easily and without ripping the fabric.  The fabric is easy-to-cut and tear resistant - try a pair of Fiskar's Scissors with your purchase for clean, smooth lines and some Fabric Pins to hold it all in place. Available in multiple widths and lengths, it is best to know your square footage before ordering. This Fabric is 3 oz. for heavy duty projects, for light duty try the 2 oz. Spunbond Polypropylene.  Or the 2 oz. can be doubled for an even heavier coverage.

Bulk shipment of fabric rolls is available.  Please Contact Us for information regarding Wholesale Pricing for Contractors and Resellers and our LTL Freight Program.

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