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Bahco Expert Pruner Shears have a narrow cutting head and strong yet soft handles for your garden or tree pruning.

Bahco P108 Expert Bypass Pruner Shears


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The Bahco Expert Bypass Pruner Shears have a narrow cutting head giving you an easy reach while you prune your garden plants or trees.  These shears have strong composite material handles and a soft upper grip for maximum comfort while working.  Available with a 3/4" cutting capacity and a 8" overall length, or 1" cutting capacity and a 9" overall length.

Bahco Bypass Pruners (secateurs) are used for cuts that affect the health of the plant.  The bypass cutting head owes its name to the fact that the cutting blade "passes-by" the counter blade in a scissor action.  Bahco bypass pruners slice through the wood as they cut it.  This motion requires less force than a straight cut and causes less compression damage to the wood.

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