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Frost Blankets


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A Frost Blanket is a great way to extend your season by protecting plants from damaging frosts.  N-Sulate is a 1.5 oz. medium weight, permeable, UV treated fabric designed to protect flowering annuals, bedding plants and vegetables from cold and freezing temperatures. This fabric installs easily and is reusable.  N-Sulate blanket will warm your intended area 6-8 degrees above the outside temperature. Simply cover plants before a frost is expected and uncover when the danger has passed.

Thermal Blanket is a 2.5 oz. white, non-woven, needle-punched polypropylene material. It lets water through to your nursery stock, while holding in precious heat. Due to the fabric’s permeability, there is no need to worry about foliage burn, so Thermal Blanket can remain in use and remain covering the plants even on sunny days. This is an excellent product for late fall and early spring applications to extend your season. Thermal Blanket also makes an effective alternative for over-wintering perennials and other ornamentals. Thermal blanket will warm your intended area 10-12 degrees warmer than the outside air.

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