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Bahco Folding Saw 396HP


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The Bahco 396HP folding saw is a multipurpose pruning saw with a patented unset tooth configuration for making fine-cuts on both mature dry wood or live green wood. Every third tooth is shorter and set to help the removal of wood chips. The saw has aggressive hardened teeth powerful enough to cut quickly through hard or dry wood. Locking in both the open and folded closed positions for added safety. Bi-material soft-grip plastic handle for increased user comfort. Length: 7-1/2 inches.  Holster available, sold separately.

The saw tooth performs three functions: 

Cutting: Teeth tips are small knives which cut through the wood fibers.  Only .2mm of the tooth tip is used for cutting.

Separating: Teeth edges are chisels that shave wood from between the cuts.

Clearing: Gullets collect dust to deposit it outside the cut.

Hard Point (HP) saw teeth are heat treated after grinding so that they remain viable 6 to 8 times longer and are more flexible.  Hard Point toothing saws are for multiple chores and are basically known for how long the blade will last.  Hard Point teeth cannot be sharpened.  Replacement blades are available.  

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