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Erosion Control Straw Blankets

Western Landscape

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Erosion control blankets are woven from a material that is meant to slow down the speed at which water moves across the surface. Also provides excellent protection for seeds and newly sprouted grasses or plants. These blankets provide erosion control for up to one year while serving as your mulching layer.

Photo-Net Blankets have a light UV degradable netting holding the straw in place.  Natural Net Blankets use a light jute netting that will also biodegrade over time.  Depending on the area you are seeding, wildlife can easily get caught up in the Photo Net Blanket either pulling up the entire installation or suffering a worse fate. Natural Net Blankets are safe for passing wildlife either above or under the blanket.

If you are needing more than a couple blankets, these items can be LTL shipped.  Contact us if you need more than one or two of these blankets for your installation.

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