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Silky Big Boy Folding Saw - Med, Large & 2000 XL

Silky Saw

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There are saws and then there are Silky's!  The Silky Big Boy Folding Saw has a blade over 14", offers a larger cutting capacity, extended reach, and longer stroke for fast cutting. This saw can handle large limbs, small trunks and your most difficult home or yard projects with no problem. Weighing just 1 1/4 #, The Big Boy Saw is designed with a thick and strong aluminum handle with a rubberized cover and is perfect for cutting larger jobs down to size.  If you need to cut bigger material than what an average length folding saw can handle, the Big Boy Folding Saw is a “must have” in your cutting arsenal. The Big Boy 2000 has a curved blade. The Big Boy Medium and Large toothed saws have straight blades. Covered by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship.  Silky blades cannot be sharpened. Replacement blades available. Silky Big Boy Folding Saw Sheaths sold separately.

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