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Plant Protection Fabrics

Valley Landscape Supply also carries natural and synthetic fabrics for frost protection, erosion control and general garden or art and craft needs.  Kept in stock for quick ship from USA location.  If you need to get something done soon, we'll get it to you fast!

Bulk Burlap Rolls for landscape or garden available in 3', 4' & 6' x 250' in stock.

Burlap - in small or bulk rolls

Burlap is made from all natural, biodegradable material. Many uses in landscaping and gardening including erosion control, tree balling, tree wrap, wind and tree protection. Also used in arts and...

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Crop cover can extend the grow days on your garden.  Can be kept on day and night to extend the season of your zone.

Crop Cover

Crop Cover is a general medium weight all around floating blanket. This blanket will keep plants warm and guard against light frosts allowing water, air, sunlight and soluble fertilizers to...

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Erosion Control Straw Blankets - available and in stock at dependable USA location.

Erosion Control Straw Blankets

Erosion control blankets are woven from a material that is meant to slow down the speed at which water moves across the surface. Also provides excellent protection for seeds and...

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Frost Blankets and Covers - at!!

Frost Blankets

A Frost Blanket is a great way to extend your season by protecting plants from damaging frosts.  N-Sulate is a 1.5 oz. medium weight, permeable, UV treated fabric designed to...

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Jute Rolls - for erosion control -

Jute - 4' x 225'

Jute...The original 100% biodegradable erosion control mesh. Designed to allow seed germination while controlling erosion. Effective, economical and easy to install. Lasts one to two years before decomposing. Absorbs more...

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