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Edging a landscape can be very important.  Keeping neat lines and areas separated will help your landscape lead the wanderer to the proper points of interest during their walk thru your yard or garden.  If separating a garden from a yard, a yard from a driveway or creating a beautiful patio or walkway, choose from Valley Landscape Supplies quality edging products.

16' and 20' Edgings are shipped LTL (less than truckload). That's because the longer lengths require a little more than UPS or FedEx is willing to handle. If you would like 16' Aluminum, 20' Poly or larger orders of 8' edgings (palletized). Then you will also qualify for Wholesale Pricing and Freight allowances. Check out the edgings on the website or CONTACT US for a Wholesale CATALOG. Of course you can just walk into our store & pick it up as well. 

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