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Fiskar's Cuts&More Scissors - at Valley Landscape Supply.

Multi-Purpose Scissors


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Fiskar's Cuts+More™ 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Scissors are quite possibly the world’s most versatile scissors. The Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors put the power of multiple tools in the palm of your hand to help you get more done. High quality blades provide excellent cutting performance on a wide array of materials. Large, ergonomically sculpted finger and thumb loops provide top-notch comfort and control when cutting.

The Fiskar's Cuts+More Scissors come apart and the titanium-coated blade can be used as a knife. These scissors also offer a variety of other helpful features including: a power notch to cut light rope, wire cutter, twine cutter, a pointed awl tip for piercing small holes, and a bottle opener. Scissors come with a sheath that protects the blades, sharpens the scissors, and includes a built-in tape cutter for opening boxes.

Multi-Purpose Scissors are great in the house, office, loft, or garden for cutting cardboard, packaging, twine, fabric, and light wire

8' & 9" Fabric Scissors and Pocket size Scissor Sharpener also available.

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